1. You’re punished for working harder. There’s no promotion or real raise but you get more responsibilities. “Good job finishing your tasks so quickly! Now go help the slackers do their jobs, too! Also, the janitor called in sick today so do his job, too. Thanks!” 
  2. There’s very high turnover. If you go into work every week wondering if someone else got fired or quit then you have a shitty job.
  3. No camaraderie. If it’s like pulling teeth just to get your coworker to pick up a pen you dropped at his feet you have shitty coworkers that make the job itself worse. 
  4. No Guidance. Nobody really knows what their job duties or expectations are, even the managers. Sometimes, employees will even take it upon themselves to do essential duties that the incompetent boss overlooks. 
  5. Workplace bullying is tolerated. In fact, the higher-ups are scared of the bully, too! Boy, are you in trouble. 

    What are you waiting for?! LEAVE!