They can never just say “I’m a jealous, insecure fuck! Please acknowledge me and give me your approval!” No, that would be too easy. Instead they’ll indirectly prove to everyone that they have penis envy. Here’s how they expose themselves:

1) Constant Criticizing. The hater’s first weapon of choice. You’ll have someone eerily watching and criticizing everything you do, how you look, how you drink water, how you’re holding a pencil. It all matters to the hater because he’s trying to smear you anyway possible. Too bad it doesn’t work out that way…

Hater’s thoughts: If I keep talking about him I’ll make him look bad!

Other People’s thoughts on hater: This guy is obsessed with that person. I better just nod and try to get away from this psycho ASAP. 

2) Imitation. “That wasn’t so great. I’ll prove it by doing it, too.” -FAILS- “I didn’t want to do it anyway!” 

Hater’s thoughts: That was so embarrassing. I should have just stuck to standing around and shittalking.

Other people’s thoughts: Fucking idiot.

3) Belittling Your Accomplishments. “It wasn’t so great. That triple backflip wasn’t that special. He didn’t do it right anyway.” 

Hater’s thoughts: This will make me look superior and people will think I’m an expert!

Other people’s thoughts: Jealous bastard. 

The hater is a clown that desperately wants respect for doing nothing. The funny thing is everyone can see the clown nose but them. Such a tragic yet slightly amusing character.