Continuing my previous post, we have more losers to ruin your workout.

4) The old person in denial. “Hey youngster, I see you working hard over there. I used to be able to do that and more.” No, he didn’t, but get ready to humor him as he regales you about his younger days as a near-Olympic athlete and gives you workout tips you didn’t ask for.

5) The unsolicited advice-giver. Rarely is it someone who actually has the physique and work-ethic of an athlete. The advice giver is usually a scrawny person, fat person (aka the “I’m bulking now” guy), or an old person in denial. They seem to think acting as an authority will improve their gym cred, since they sure as hell never impress anybody with their half-assed workouts.

But my favorite type of advice-giver is the guy obviously on steroids trying to give advice to scrawny gym newbies. Ugh. Just spare them the hot-air and give them a syringe already. No need to waste everybody’s time. 

6) The poser. Tries his hardest to look like he lifts. Invisible lat syndrome. Cut-off shirts with no physique to show for it. Chest-puffing like a human gorilla.

He will hover around the people who are actually at the gym to work hard and he will try to befriend them. Afterall, being with you will give him the appearance of being hardcore himself. 

Forget bringing headphones to the gym. What you’re gonna need is a mallet.